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 Good Community ... for today, tomorrow and into the future

​playisthewayposter-all.pngGood Community is about how each of us contributes to the physical and emotional safety of everyone else in the community.

At OLW we use Play is the Way.

We play games for 20 minutes a session, 4 times a week.

When we play games we are developing habits. The more we play, the more the habits develop into behaviours.

The more they develop into behaviours the more we will use them in our relationships.

The more we use these behaviours in our relationships the more we contribute to the physical and emotional safety of everyone in our community.

Each week we take one of the messages from the poster and teach it to the whole school.

Each week we will send parents a script through BCE Connect that will help parents talk to their child about what they have learnt, or are learning about.