School Reporting

​Effective school reporting provides parents, staff, students and community members with meaningful information about schools. All Queensland schools are required to publish a minimum set of information for parents and the community. This Schools Reporting Policy will ensure that all schools report similar information that complies with Government requirements in a clear and comprehensive manner.

To access the current college Annual Report, please visit the Brisbane Catholic Education School Annual Reports page.​

The link above will provide information about:

Descriptive Information

  • Distinctive curriculum offerings
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Staff development priorities for the year
  • Social climate of the school
  • Strategies used for involving parents in their child's education

Professional Engagement

  • Teacher qualifications
  • Expenditure on, and teacher participation in, professional learning
  • Proportion of teaching staff retained from the previous year
  • Average staff attendance

Key Student Outcomes

  • Average student attendance rate
  • Results of NAPLAN testing (Years 3, 5 and 7)
  • School reflection on student performance in literacy and numeracy
  • Parent, teacher and student satisfactory with the school