As Our Lady of the Way is concerned with the cyber safety of our students, as a staff we have participated in an internet safety session. The purpose of this presentation was to raise awareness of the issues facing young people online including:

  • Online grooming;
  • Inappropriate content;
  • Cyber-bullying; and
  • Scams, fraud and identity theft.

ThinkUKnow is centred on three key areas: how kids have fun online, how to help them stay in control on the net, and how to report when things go wrong. The presentation discussed the popular applications used by young people, the risks they may be exposed to and how to minimise these risks, and finally where to report problems.

For more information please click here. For great interactive games and activities that can help teach your child about cyber saftey and digital citizenship, please click on the appropriate age group links below.

young 5 to 7 year olds

middle 8 to 10 year olds

senior 11-16 year olds

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