Parental Engagement

​​Parental Engagment is about what you can do at home that has a major influence on your child's achievement at school.

Research says that the value of this is around the value of your engagment is worth around $2,000 a year and equivalent to adding 2 extra years of tuition to your child's primary education.

It is also not about doing 'homework'!

First and foremost, we use authoratitive teaching. This is exactly the same as authoratitive parenting (think Triple P). We are assertive and supportive. We say there are boudaries and we help children with those boundaries.
Through the Parent Portal and the OLW Parental Engagment Facebook page we provide scripts and tips that encourage you engagment with your child's reading and learning at OLW.
The OLW Parental Engagment Facebook page can be found at: