Parent and Carer Information

​​​​​​​The following information might be of assistance:

Our Lady of the Way Catholic Primary School has an unashamed approach to the whole child. Our approach is maintained by great, enthusiastic and passionate teachers whose wealth of experience has built the following ...

A Spiritual and Catholic Dimension:

  • Special days each term built around one of our pillars. These days celebrate our mission and vision.
  • Liturgy and celebration of mass - the times we learn about respect, silence, quietness, prayer and celebration.
  • Fr Geo is our Parish Priest  and celebrates with us. 
  • Hospitality after mass, or a liturgy, is  important in our school and classes and parents are invited to morning tea.
  • Mother's Day Liturgy and Morning Tea  is a big event at school in May of each year. We usually see around 150 or more mums attending.
  • Father's Day Breakfast and Liturgy is also a big event and we usually see the same number of dads coming to school. Usually on this day we have the CARDBOARD CHALLENGE!

The Guidance Counsellor at OLW is here for 2.5 days a week. The Guidance Counsellor can help you connect with outside agencies and some in house conselling.

The Student Welfare Officer is at OLW for 2 days a week.

  • The Student Welfare Officer works to connect with students who need that extra bit of care.
  • The Student Welfare Officer can connect you with grief and loss programmes for children and adults, local community groups and parent support. 
  • Contact the school office to get in touch. (07 32852977)


  • Playg​roup operates each Friday morning. 

​Friendship Club

  • ​Friendship Club operates at both breaks during the day.
  • Friendship Club is a place to dance, sing, watch a movie, play a board game, play lego, cars, have a read, colour in or draw.
  • Frienship Club is an alternate place to come at break time.
  • Friendship club is always supervised and always good fun.


  • ​The library is open a both breaks during the day.
  • It is a place to read, draw, play chess, use technology, hang out with friends.
  • The Library is an alternative place to come at break times
  • The Library is always supervised and always good fun.

Specialist Teachers

  • Art Teacher - for all children once a week.
  • JapaneseTeacher - for years 4-6, once a week.
  • HPE Teacher - for all children once a week.
  • Music Teacher - for all children once a week.
  • Wellbeing Teacher - for all children once a fortnight.

  • ​Private Music Instrument Tuition
  • ​Currently we have visiting teachers who teach: piano, drums and guitar.​

Learning Support

  • ​We support  the learning of all students by providing programmes of inclusion:
    • ​Reading intervention- 1:1, small group
    • Writing Intervention-1:1, small group
    • Maths Intervention- 1:1, small grou
    • Occupational Theraphy follow through
    • Speech Therapy - follow through
    • Coaching for Learning in Yea​rs 2-6
    • Explicit Emotional Intelligence teaching and support.
    • Curriculum Adjustment Plans - parent and carer involvement is greatly and warmly welcomed.
    • Anxiety Managment Plans 
    • Safety Management Plans 

Extra Curricular

  • Cup
  • District At​hletics, Cross Country, Swimming