Play is the Way


At OLW we want our kids to be:

• independent    
• able to control their emotions   
• self-motivated     
• in persistent pursuit of their personal best   
• able to get along with others   
• of strong character   
• decent   
• socially and emotionally competent    
• live and learn well   
• empathetic, considerate of self, others and the world in which they live   
• have sound and good reasons for the things they say and do    

We teach games to students. Games are used because games form habits.
The more we play the games and use the language the more the habits are formed.
The more the habits are formed the more influence we have with our kids being
independent, able to control their emotions, being self-motivated.
Play is the Way is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning
using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.
Wilson McCaskill is the author and presenter of the programme.
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Each year OLW P&F hosts a Workshop for Parents evening with Wilson.
Parents and Friends come away with a very different view of the world in which their
children live and what they need to do to have "Life to the full".