Parents , Carers and Community

Parents, Carers and Community

By virtue of your child's enrolment, you are a member of the PCC

The PCC meet twice a term.

The dates for meetings are advertised on the BCE connect app, Parent Portal

and in the newsletter.


The PPC role is to:

  • Provide support to the Principal and school community. e.g.

    • run discos 

    • provide special lunch orders during the term e.g.

      • Sausage Sizzle Days, Fish'n'Chips Day, Hamburgers, Pancakes

    • assist with Mother's Day Morning Tea and Liturgy

    • assist with Father's Day Breakfast and Liturgy

    • sponsor training for parents in the OLW Community

      • e.g. Justice of the Peace

  • Provide a forum in which educational and community issues can be  discussed.

    • Visiting speakers

    • Parental Engagement

    • Parental Participation

  • Assist in the resourcing of the school e.g.

    • Fans for the hall

    • Refurbishment of the Yr 3-6 playground

    • Astro Turfing the Prep, Yr1/2 and Yr 3-6 playgrounds

We have an active and vibrant PCC

I would encourage you to become involved. 

There is genuine fellowship and support generated by the activities of the P&F.

Up-to-date information regarding our PCC

is provided in the newsletter.