Welcome To the OLW Library

At OLW, our dynamic, contemporary library shares learning tools and resources, but is also a vibrant community hub. We offer a substantial and evolving book collection, a range of online and interactive resources, and weekly classes with an expert teacher librarian. Our library is also a welcoming space to read, relax and play.

Read, relax, reflect, enjoy

Some people find safe haven in our library. It can be a place to escape, reflect or think through a challenge. Visit our library and you'll soon see why … it is a peaceful, quiet and cool part of the school.

During breaks students read and play happily between standing desks and comfy mats, sharing resources with supportive cooperation. It is usual to find older students working with younger students, volunteer library leaders preparing displays, and kids of all ages learning more about how the library works.

Supporting the whole school community

Our library is not just for the kids! Teachers meet for coaching in this space, which is rich with parent and educator support tools, as well as student resources. Ample additional equipment, such as computers, games, TVs, stationery and study space, can benefit all members of our school community.

A responsive, contemporary library

Our library is always growing and changing to reflect best practice in library resource delivery and meet the needs of users. Highlights include:

1. STEAM/Design Room for creating, designing and technology.

2. Reference Room for research and visual language.

3. Reader Room for Home and Guided readers.

4. Teacher references supplied in the Reference and Reading Rooms.

5. Parent references offered on a dedicated shelf.

6. Collaboration and flexible learning spaces, including: high tables, floor space, adjustable mobile chairs, internet café, collaborative nooks, laptops, and desk tops.

7. Clubs, including: Chess, Dance, Writing, Scratch, Robotics and Readers' Cup.

8. Books housed in conceptual groupings such as Junior Non Fiction and Historical Fiction, for easy access and developing an understanding of book categories.

9. Changing topical displays, such as ANZAC Day, Book Week, scary books, or fairy tales.

10. Hosting talks and workshops from popular authors and illustrators. 

Throughout each school year, we pride ourselves on catering for all learners in a responsive, inclusive environment where students, parents and teachers alike can find support and enrichment.

Pay us a visit next time you're at OLW! ​