School Times

Students arriving at school before 8.10 am must be seated on the brick seats in the undercover area. 

​8.10 am ​Before school supervision begins. Students must not be at school before this time.
​8.30 am ​Session 1
​10.30 am ​Eating time
​10.50 am ​Play time
​11.10 am ​Session 2
1.10 pm ​ ​Eating time
1.20 pm​ ​Play time
​1.40 pm​ ​Session 3
2.55 pm​ ​School finishes
3.25 pm​ ​Afterschool supervision ceases.

The school will contact parents/carers/emergency contacts of any children at school after 3.30pm to ensure safe passage home.​