School and Enrolment Fees


Annual Fee Schedule​

Fee schedule.png

Enrolment Application Fee - Online Payment 

From 2024, a non-refundable Enrolment Application Fee of $80 per child per family is due and payable at the time of application.

Please forward the receipt of payment to​​.

School Fees Policy

School Fees Policy.pdf

Our Lady of the Way, Petrie, aims to provide a quality education to all students, and for this to be achieved, Fees and Levies are charged.

Fees and Levies collected at Our Lady of the Way are used for the following purposes, which are aligned with the Vision and Mission of the School:

  • Provide teaching, administrative, classroom support, and facilities
  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities, and equipment
  • Assist with providing activities such as incursions and excursions
  • Support the School building program
  • Maintain buildings, grounds, and other facilities

Our Lady of the Way charges a Parent and Community Levy (OLW Connect) to support the initiatives of the parents/carers and community within the School.

For those families experiencing short- or long-term genuine inability to pay fees, we are committed to providing support to ensure enrollment is not compromised. Please contact the Principal and/or Finance Secretary for further information concerning the concession application process.​