Mission and Vision

​Vision Statement

We seek to build a learning community, enriched by diversity and united in faith for today, tomorrow and into the future.

Mission Statement

Therefore, our mission is to build a community that celebrates faith, learning and diversity.



We celebrate community by promoting a spirit of togetherness.

We celebrate our faith by living Gospel Values.


We celebrate learning by striving for excellence in a student-centred environment.

We celebrate diversity by embracing each person's unique identity and giftedness.


We want to teach our learners about our Mission and Vision. 

Our Mission and Vision Statement has developed into 4 Pillars: Good Learning, Good Faith, Good Community and Good Diversity.

Each pillar has a framework poster that describes important elements of the pillar. 

Each week  we explicitly teach an element from each pillar. ​

The framework posters and commentary  for each pillar are found under the Curriculum tab.​