Academic Coaching


We are used to coaching in the sporting world, where the coach works with individuals or teams to maximise their potential. Behind our swimmers, tennis players, AFL teams, Soccer stars, Rugby players, ballerinas, musicians, actors,​ and singers is a team of people helping them be the best they can be. Coaching is not limited to Sports and The Arts; it is used in many workplaces to maximise staff potential.

OLW includes coaching as a strategy to maximise student learning in Years 2-6. ​The project is a one-on-one coaching program with Mrs Daunt, Student Support Officer, with an aim to maximise student potential via goal setting in English lessons. ​

Our coaching program looks like this:

Once a week for 5 weeks
10-minute sessions in the classroom
Goal setting & review with regard to writing
One coach and one student at a time

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