We are very used to coaching in the sporting world where the coach works with individuals or teams to maximise their potential. Behind our swimmers, tennis players, AFL teams, Soccer stars, Rugby players, ballerinas, musicians, actors and singers are a team of people helping them be the best they can be. Coaching is not limited to sport and the arts; it is used in many workplaces to maximise staff potential.

OLW includes coaching as a strategy to maximise student learning in Years 2-6. Our coaching course is delivered by Ann Daunt. Children who achieve “well above, above and at” the standard on their report, are invited to participate in coaching.

Our coaching program looks like this:
once a week for 5 weeks
10-minute sessions in the classroom
goal setting & review with regards to writing
One coach and one student at a time.

What do kids say about coaching? 

Year 2 Denise: I have been practicing at home and school to improve my punctuation.  I have been using the teacher feedback to make my writing more exciting.  Every day I see my writing just getting better.  I am proud of myself.  The most important part of my learning is teacher feedback. 
Year 3 Carder To achieve my goal in coaching, my strategies have been to use more talking in my writing because it helps the reader feel like they are in the story.  I act on feedback to fix my mistakes and improve my writing.  The most important part of my learning is to gain more knowledge.
Year 4 Adella:  I set my goal high and I have not given up.  I want to be Prime Minister when I am older.  Mr P cannot give up even though he is the principal he still gets coaching and aims high every day.
Year 5 Frank: The strategy that has helped me to achieve my goal in coaching has been to edit my work after each paragraph, so my writing makes sense.  Editing is simpler with less mistakes.  The most important part of my learning is being challenged.
Year 6 Kyleen: When setting my goal, the most important steps are to open minded to trying new styles of writing, seek feedback from peers and teachers.  Continue to bring along samples of my writing to discuss at coaching.

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