Good Community


What are we doing?

Each week we explicitly teach a key
"Good Community" concept.
The concepts are put into practice by playing games.
The games we play develop and habituate socially
effective and culturally appropriate  patterns of

Why are we doing this?

*To create a safe learning environment in which students train to be independent
self regulating, self-motivated learners in persistent pursuit of their personal best and able to get along with each other.
*To develop students of strong character and decency with the social and emotional
competencies to live and learn well.
*To foster empathetic students, considerate of themselves, each other and the
world in which they live with sound and good reasons for the things they say and do.
(Wilson McCaskill, Play Is The Way Objectives )


How will it benefit my child?

Your child's academic achievement will grow because they are developing :
  • Self-awareness
  • Self management
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision- making
Your child's participation, concentration, persistence & engagement will be
positively influenced.
Your child's self-concept as a good learner will grow.
Your child's life long learning skills will be developed over the 7 years of primary
schooling, to support them in high school and the life beyond.

​Good Community ... for today, tomorrow and into the future.