Good Learning

goodlearningforweb2.PNGGood Learning ... for today, tomorrow and into the future


What are we doing?

Articulating what good learners do.
Creating a solid link between current educational
research and the school.
Providing your child with 'best practice' from staff
involvement in professional development.

Why are we doing this?

*To teach learners what to do to be a 'good learner'.
*To  impact on student achievement.
*To provide 'best practice' to our learners.

How will it benefit my child?

Your child's academic achievement will grow because they will articulate

their learning in terms of:

  • The Four Steps
  • Thinking
  • Participating
  • Pursuing and
  • Demonstrating
Your child's participation, concentration, persistence & engagement will be
positively influenced.
Your child's self-concept as a good learner will grow.
Your child's life long learning skills will be developed over the 7 years of primary
schooling, to support them in high school and the life beyond​.

Good Learning ... for today, tomorrow and into the future.​